The numbers

These tables attempt to bring together all of the essential information which describes the local library operation and the costs of delivering the library service to the local community.

Basic information

Staffing hours per week 46
Hours open to public per week 36
Hours open to public per year 1877
Total floor space 111 m2
Total stock 12002
Number of items issued per year 42702
Number of visits per year 40417

How much does Leiston library cost in total to run?

Share of County Council costs across whole library service per year £42,563
Running costs specific to Leiston library per year £41,615
Total running costs per year £84,178

What are the site-specific costs for Leiston library?

(All, or a substantial portion of these costs would need to be met by any group taking over the running of the library)
Staff and miscellaneous (less income) £24,150
IT costs £2,791
Property costs (rent, rates, energy, water, cleaning, etc) £14,674
Total site-specific costs £41,615

What are the key indicators?

Property cost per m2 £132
Staff cost per hour open £15.87
Total cost per hour open £44.85
Stock per m2 108
Turnover of stock per year 356%
Issues per visit 1.08
Cost per visit £2.08
Cost per item issued £1.97

Note: original data supplied by Suffolk County Council.

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