January 2011

Suffolk: New front in battle against service cuts

East Anglian Daily Times, Monday, 10 January, 2011

Trade unionists are today preparing to launch a new front in the battle against public
 service cuts in the county … (read more)

Librarians: ‘We do so much more than shelve books and say shhh’

The Guardian, Tuesday 11 January 2011

The Tories clearly don’t know how much libraries do. Cuts will threaten the very social bonds they claim to want to promote … (read more)

Council aims to save services

Bury Free Press, Saturday 15 January 2011

A trouble-shooting team has been set up to battle the crisis in county council funding which threatens Needham Market libraries, youth clubs and waste sites … (read more)

Overdue!  The fight to save our libraries begins

The Independent, Sunday 16 January 2011

Hundreds of branches are under threat as local councils plan cuts that will erode Britain’s cultural base … (read more)

Private sector poised to soak up services after massive job cull

The Observer, Sunday 16 January 2011

Cash-strapped Suffolk county council is already exploring a radical model of local government that would see the running of all libraries, youth clubs, highway services and children’s centres outsourced to private firms .. (read more)

Library closure: Labour’s fury as users are labelled white and middle class

The Observer, Sunday, 16 January 2011

The shadow media and culture minister insists that libraries provide a ‘crucial service’ for everyone … (read more)

Twitter support for libraries snowballs worldwide

The Guardian, Monday 17 January 2010

Savelibraries hashtag picks up support from thousands around the world … (read more)

Suffolk: Protest over looming cuts for libraries

East Anglian Daily Times, Monday 17 January 2011

Protesters were out in force this weekend over proposed cuts to Suffolk’s libraries … (read more)

Suffolk: Two-thirds of county’s libraries facing the axe

East Anglian Daily Times, Tuesday 18 January 2011

Campaigners spoke of their devastation last night after it was revealed that 29 libraries across Suffolk are facing the axe … (read more)

Southwold and Kessingland libraries among 29 facing axe

The Lowestoft Journal, Tuesday 18 January 2011

SHOCKWAVES are set to ripple across Suffolk today with the news that 29 of the county’s libraries are facing closure … (read more)

Two thirds of Suffolk libraries face closure

The Bookseller, Wednesday 19 January 2011

Campaigners have slammed the decision to close two thirds of libraries across Suffolk county council as “absolutely appalling” … (read more)

Suffolk: Top authors condemn libraries axe

East Anglian Daily Times, Wednesday 19 January 2011

SOME of the country’s top authors have spoken of their shock and anger at Suffolk County Council’s plans to close two thirds of its libraries … (read more)

Suffolk: Communities to step in and save libraries

East Anglian Daily Times, Wednesday 19 January 2011

Suffolk’s rural communities have vowed to do everything possible to keep their libraries open after the county council put up to two-thirds of them at risk of closure … (read more)

Suffolk: Every library in county is up for grabs

East Anglian Daily Times, Wednesday 19 January 2011

EVERY library in Suffolk is being offered to community groups or parish councils in an attempt to cut nearly a third from the county’s budget for the service … (read more)

Library service vital to all

Evening Star, Thursday 20 January 2011

BOOKWORMS have every reason to be worried about the future of our libraries … (read more)

Libraries under threat

Suffolk Free Press, Thursday 20 January 2011

Libraries at risk are Clare, Glemsford, Great Cornard, Lavenham and Long Melford, with the council beginning a consultation period on Tuesday in a bid to ask communities for their views on their future … (read more)

SOS cry to save our libraries in Waveney

The Lowestoft Journal, Friday 21 January 2011

COMMUNITIES across Waveney issued a rallying cry this week as a campaign began to save public libraries from closure … (read more)

Suffolk: Why can Norfolk protect libraries and school crossing patrols, yet we can’t?

East Anglian Daily Times, Friday 21 January 2011

THE contrast between the way Suffolk County Council and their Norfolk counterparts are proposing to make more than £250million of savings is stark … (read more)

DIY libraries for Suffolk

Bury Free Press, Friday 21 January 2011

BIG ideas from the community are needed to save 29 libraries from the axe if Suffolk’s library service is to reach its £2.7 million savings target, the county has warned … (read more)

Libraries: A national treasure worth keeping

Evening Star, Friday 21 January 2011

I added my name this week to a petition to keep our public library open … (read more)

The local library, a beacon of civilization

The Independent On Sunday, Sunday 23 January 2011

They are a symbol of what we as a country stand for, and nationwide groups are forming to fight the threat of closure … (read more)

Libraries: ‘Hands off our doors to learning’

The Independent On Sunday, Sunday 23 January 2011

Campaigns to stop councils from closing as many as half of their libraries are gathering pace, as public figures protest furiously about ‘cultural vandalism’ … (read more)

Libraries: Why we must fight for the right to read

Socialist Worker, Tuesday 25 January 2011

The public library service is in crisis. The government’s slash-and-burn approach means a 28 percent cut in spending on them … (read more)

Libraries to close under cuts plans?

Haverhill Echo, Wednesday 26 January 2011

LIBRARIES in Clare and Kedington are among 29 across Suffolk that could be axed as Suffolk County Council looks to save millions of pounds by asking others to come forward and run them – a proposal greeted by one community leader as ‘appalling.’ … (read more)

Suffolk: Libraries’ closure ‘will pay for council overspending’

East Anglian Daily Times, Thursday 27 January 2011

CAMPAIGNERS fighting to save Suffolk’s libraries reacted with anger last night as it emerged the cutbacks would pay for overspending in other council budgets … (read more)

Philip Pullman’s call to defend libraries resounds around web

The Guardian, Thursday 27 January 2011

A passionate speech delivered by author Philip Pullman to two or three hundred people at an Oxfordshire library campaigners’ meeting earlier this month has become a viral sensation through the influence of social networking … (read more)

Boyd Tonkin: The struggle on the shelves

The Independent, Friday 28 January 2011

Library supporters need to embrace reform and innovation as boldly as let-it-rip free marketeers … (read more)

Warnock condemns library closure “barbarism”

The Bookseller, Friday 28 January 2011

The philosopher, author and life peer Baroness Mary Warnock has said closure of her local library, Sydenham Library, would be “barbarism” … (read more)

Ipswich: Authorities discuss threat to future of three town libraries

Evening Star, Friday 28 January 2011

Ipswich: The future of “community libraries” in the town is to be discussed by senior officials from the borough and county councils … (read more)

Market fanatics will kill what makes our libraries precious

The Guardian, Friday 28 January 2011

Those who count only profit do not grasp the value of a service whose gift is humane, generous, and life-enhancing for all … (read more)

Lib Dem Minister in libraries row

Channel 4 News, Friday 28 January 2011

A Liberal Democrat Minister is in hot water after telling her constituents to remove all the books out of her local library to prevent its closure … (read more)

Library campaigners plan court action over closures

The Guardian, Friday 28 January 2011

Culture ministers accused of flouting legal duty to promote library service … (read more)

Fight to save library, urges former Newmarket mayor

Newmarket Journal, Saturday 29 January 2011

A FORMER mayor of Newmarket has appealed to residents to fight to keep the town’s library … (read more)


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