February 2011

The fight against library closures: will you be protesting?

The Guardian, Tuesday 1st February 2011

Ed Vaizey has spoken passionately about libraries in the past – so why is he so quiet now? Plus, let us know if you’re protesting against the closure of your local library on Saturday … (read more)

Save Our Libraries Day: find your nearest protest

The Guardian, Tuesday 1st February 2011

This Saturday, 5 February, libraries around the country will be playing host to read-ins, author appearances and story-telling events to protest at the threatened closure of 400 branches … (read more)

Suffolk: County council warns that worse could be to come

East Anglian Daily Times, Wednesday 2nd February 2011

AS MEMBERS of Suffolk County Council’s cabinet gathered to discuss next year’s budget there was a blunt warning that things could get even tougher in future … (read more)

Big society tsar Lord Wei ‘doesn’t have enough time to perform role’

The Guardian, Wednesday 2nd February 2011

Man kickstarting volunteering revolution finds working for free three days a week is incompatible with ‘having a life’ … (read more)

Hands off our libraries

The Guardian, Thursday 3rd February 2011

This Saturday sees a national day of protest against 400 planned library closures. The Isle of Wight stands to lose more than most – a staggering nine out of 11 – and resistance there is mounting … (read more)

Terence Blacker: Pity those who are ‘too busy’ to read

The Independent, Friday 4th February 2011

Those engaged in the great and important campaign to prevent libraries in the UK being closed down could learn a lot from the four-year tussle which has been taking place in Canada between a big-time novelist and a leading politician … (read more)

Suffolk: Big freeze for council tax

East Anglian Daily Times, Friday 4th February 2011

District and borough councils across Suffolk are set to follow the county’s lead and freeze their bills – and the police authority is also expected to follow suit … (read more)

Protests across the UK expected for Save Our Libraries Day

The Guardian, 4th February 2011

Some 80 events nationwide scheduled in co-ordinated day of action against library closures … (read more)

Save our libraries … but not our gross-out comedy DVDs

The Guardian, Friday 4th February 2011

These temples of learning have been under attack for years – depleted of professionals and filled with council money-spinners … (read more)

Leiston: Urgent talks wanted with library bosses

East Anglian Daily Times, Friday 4th February 2011

COMMUNITY leaders have asked to meet with library chiefs to discuss the future of their under threat service … (read more)

Authors join day of protest at library cuts

BBC News, Saturday 5th February 2011

Protesters have held “read-ins” and storytelling sessions at dozens of libraries across the UK to campaign against planned branch closures … (read more)

Suffolk: Campaigners fight for libraries

East Anglian Daily Times, Saturday 5th February 2011

CAMPAIGNERS staged protests across Suffolk today as part of a national day of action to save libraries … (read more)

Library cuts ‘would make Britain more illiterate’

The Telegraph, Monday 7th February 2011

Julia Donaldson, author of The Gruffalo, hits out at closure plans after day of action … (read more)

Suffolk library campaigners aim to prevent 29 closures

BBC News, Monday 7th February 2011

A former schoolteacher is behind a campaign to save her local library which is threatened by Suffolk County Council’s proposed cuts … (read more)

Cuts undermining ‘big society’ says senior charity chief

The Guardian, Monday 7th February 2011

Elisabeth Hoodless, outgoing executive director of Community Service Volunteers, says cuts in funding are removing opportunities for people to help deliver services … (read more)

Campaigners fight for threatened Suffolk libraries

Eastern Daily Press, Monday 7th February 2011

Campaigners staged protests across Suffolk today as part of a national day of action to save libraries … (read more)

Suffolk: Campaigners stage library protests

East Anglian Daily Times, Monday 7th February 2011

CAMPAIGNERS turned out in their hundreds across Suffolk as part of a national day of action to save libraries … (read more)

Stradbroke: Villagers’ anger at library u-turn

East Anglian Daily Times, 8th February 2011

FURIOUS villagers say they have been “shabbily treated” by Suffolk County Council after being told last year they would be able to keep their library, just weeks before it was included on a closure list … (read more)

Library closure protestors battle on

Diss Express, Saturday 12th February 2011

PROTESTORS from Stradbroke are considering teaming up with communities around Suffolk to form a county-wide protest at proposed library closures … (read more)

Suffolk: Opposition in call for rethink on controversial council cuts

East Anglian Daily Times, Monday 14th February 2011

OPPOSITION councillors at Suffolk County Council have tabled an amendment calling for many of the cuts proposed in next year’s budget to be re-instated … (read more)

Community fights library closure plans

Haverhill Echo, Monday 14th February 2011

CLARE is taking a stand against the proposed closure of its 30-year-old library by launching a ‘save the library’ petition … (read more)

Eye: Library campaigners urge council rethink

East Anglian Daily Times, Tuesday 15th February 2011

DOZENS of Valentine’s protest cards were posted to Suffolk County Council yesterday by campaigners fighting to save their community library … (read more)

Library protests cause some councils to rethink cuts

The Guardian, Tuesday 15th February 2011

Following nationwide demonstrations earlier this month, a number of local authorities are reconsidering closure plans … (read more)

Suffolk: Community pledges to fight against council cuts

East Anglian Daily Times, Wednesday 16th February 2011

COMMUNITY groups from all corners of Suffolk joined forces in calling for “revolutionary actions” to prevent cuts to the county’s services … (read more)

Suffolk cuts meeting tomorrow

Eastern Daily Press, Wednesday 16th February 2011

Library staff and lollipop men and women across Suffolk have received overwhelming public support after their posts were put in jeopardy by controversial plans to slash £43m from the authority’s budget over the next 12 months … (read more)

Suffolk: Anger as £500k of public money is used to silence council staff

East Anglian Daily Times, Wednesday 16th February 2011

County council chiefs have been criticised for using more than £500,000 of public money to silence disgruntled employees … (read more)

Ipswich: Storm brewing at county HQ

East Anglian Daily Times, Thursday 17th February 2011

An impassioned band of protesters gathered at county headquarters this morning to make clear their dismay at proposed cuts to public spending in Suffolk … (read more)

Suffolk: D-day for council services

East Anglian Daily Times, Thursday 17th February 2011

TODAY is the day of decision when proposals for cuts across Suffolk are set to become council policy … (read more)

Suffolk: Council votes through huge raft of controversial cuts

East Anglian Daily Times, Friday 18th February 2011

AFTER a six-hour council meeting, Suffolk eventually approved a controversial budget which will cut services – but leave the council tax unchanged … (read more)

Communities must respond positively to cuts

East Anglain Daily Times, Saturday 19th February 2011

COMMUNITIES, charities and volunteer groups say they must respond positively and look forward after Suffolk County Council backed a £42.5million package of public service cuts … (read more)

Library cuts will deny our children the glorious addiction of reading

The Observer, Sunday 20th February 2011

We need to protest over closing libraries as strongly as people did over the planned sell-off of woodlands … (read more)

Nimby? Cameron accused after his council halts library closures

The Independent on Sunday, Sunday 20th February 2011

Opposition culture spokesman says: ‘It’s one rule for the Tories and another set for the rest of us’ … (read more)

Stradbroke: Library lifeline fight

East Anglian Daily Times, Tuesday 22nd February 2011

Scores of worried villagers turned out last night to try to save their library. They met to grill county council representatives over the proposed closure of Stradbroke Library, one of 29 in Suffolk facing the axe … (read more)

Ipswich: Residents pledge to fight for Rosehill Library

Evening Star, Wednesday 23rd February 2011

Concerned town residents have pledged to join forces and save a much-loved library service … (read more)

Gallery: Campaigners out in force over Saxmundham Library cuts

East Anglian Daily Times, Wednesday 23rd February 2011

IT may have been pouring with rain but the soggy weather did little to dampen the spirits of the scores of campaigners who turned out to support their local library … (read more)

Saxmundham protest over library closure

BBC News, Wednesday 23rd February 2011

About 100 protesters have turned out in a Suffolk town to demonstrate against planned closures of branch libraries … (read more)

Close libraries? Not on our watch

Morning Star, Wednesday 23rd February 2011

A leading law firm joined the fight to save Britain’s libraries today as it launched a landmark legal action against county councils’ “excessive” plans to slash local library provision … (read more)

Campaigners launch legal challenge to library closures

The Guardian, Thursday 24th February 2011

Claims that cuts proposed by Somerset and Gloucestershire councils violate statutory obligations due to be tested in the high court … (read more)

Ipswich: Borough council demands that town libraries are saved

Evening Star, Thursday24th February 2011

IPSWICH: Borough chiefs have written to their county council counterparts in a last-ditch bid to stop libraries closing in the town … (read more)

Villagers hand over Stradbroke ‘Save our Library’ petition

Eastern Daily Press, Thursday 24th February 2011

Community figures in a north Suffolk village have pledged to fight for their library after the facility was put in danger by council cutbacks … (read more)

Save Bungay Library – latest plans

Beccles And Bungay Journal, Friday 25th February 2011

LOSING Bungay library is not an option – that was the pledge this week from the town council as it began the task of drawing up plans to keep it open … (read more)


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