About the campaign

Save Leiston Library is a local initiative to protect our library from the threat of closure as part of Suffolk County Council’s programme of county-wide cuts to public services.

We want the County Council to reconsider its ill-conceived plans for Leiston library in particular, and Suffolk’s library service in general.  We demand that the council thinks again about the impact these damaging cuts will have on the cultural, social and educational lives of the people of Leiston.

Through this website, with community actions and protests, and by lobbying local government we aim to overturn Suffolk County Council’s short-sighted, penny-pinching decision to relinquish its responsibilities and obligations to our most precious of resources: our local libraries.

We seek to work together with other library campaign groups across Suffolk and wider afield to make our protest as effective as possible.

This website is maintained by: Steve Smedley, Mill Walk House, Blaxhall, Woodbridge, IP12 2HN

One Response to About the campaign

  1. irene turner says:

    i use Needham Market library , which also is under threat of closure. i would like some ideas on how to campaign to keep it open and have found your site very interesting

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