The fightback starts now!

Library campaigners in Leiston will be joining similar groups across the country outside local libraries on Saturday 5th February,  Save Our Libraries Day, to protest against library cuts and closures.

We’ll be meeting in Old Post Office Square in front of Leiston library at 10.30 am.  Please make every effort to join us and make this a memorable demonstration of public support for our local library service.

Suffolk County Council think they can force through their agenda of “divestment”, cuts and job losses on local communities like Leiston.  Well, they’re wrong.  Together we will:

  • Defend Leiston’s essential library service
  • Fight the threat to libraries across Suffolk
  • Reject Suffolk County Council’s closure plans

Get making your banners and placards.  There’s also an A4 poster and a 2xA5 leaflet to download and print here.  There’s not much time so we need to get moving!

Support for the Save Leiston Library campaign in the local community is growing every day, so spread the word and let’s get as many people as we can supporting our local library on Saturday 5th  February!

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3 Responses to The fightback starts now!

  1. Patricia Dowding says:

    Leiston Library is vital to the town and its many surrounding villages. Our parents with young children use the faility, attend story hours and this starts the cycle of children becoming familiar with using a library. Many book clubs rely on Leiston Library to supply their books but not only that, to give advice and help. Many of us are involved in research – local, family history, wildlife etc – and we use the library’s reference boos, the internet facility. Some of us are involved ourselves in creative wrtiting and the library is often our inspiration. We cannot do without it and nor should we be forced to. Leiston is a deprived area and therefore the library is an essential, frontline service that must be continued. Going to Halesworth is not an option for many library users – it’s not even in our council area for a start and the cost of mileage or the difficulty of going by public transport means it will bre prohibitive to many people.

  2. Charles Stride says:

    Congratulations on the Professional approach and action of this campaign, which we do support wholeheartedly. However taking into account the depths of the Financial problems this Country, and much of the rest of Europe and the World are now facing. Sincerely regret that believe such Protest campaigns are very unlikely to be successful. I do hope that the same level of effort and Professionalism is being put into organising local support and input into ensuring that ways are found for us to help keep this very essential service going in Leiston. We would fully support any practible arrangements.

  3. Best wishes from the Save Stradbroke Library campaign in Stradbroke, Suffolk #solidarity

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