The fight for Leiston library starts here

The library service across Suffolk has been dealt a devastating blow that leaves the future of Leiston library and many others like it in doubt.  Suffolk County Council has recently announced its long-awaited consultation on the future of library services in our county.  The proposals go far beyond the worst that anyone could have imagined.

Along with 28 other local libraries in Suffolk, Leiston library is earmarked for “divestment”.  In plain language, this effectively means that unless unpaid volunteers can be found to continue to run the library, or other revenue can be generated to maintain the service, it will close.

This map shows the location of all of Suffolk’s public libraries, with Leiston highlighted in blue.  The 15 in green are those earmarked as “county libraries” in Suffolk County Council’s 2011 Libraries Consultation.  The remainder could be faced with closure:

We will have a full analysis of the libraries consultation document here shortly.

If we value our library as a community then we all need to act, and we need to act swiftly.  Find out what you can do to fight the imminent closure of Leiston library here.  Everybody’s input is vital.  Your views really do count.

Over the next few weeks we need to organise creative and engaging protests and actions to raise awareness of the plight of our important local library service.  Those events will be listed here, and will include participating in a National Day of Protest on Saturday 5th February.  If you can help please contact the campaign here.

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